Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners

Top Money Earning Apps in India

Who does not want to earn some extra money if that money could just come from working on Money Earning Apps online then it would be the icing on the cake.

In today’s digital age, many mobile applications offer opportunities to earn real money.
In India, we have places where there are no banks but there will be many people around you using smartphones.

So, instead of doing death-scrolling on Facebook or Instagram, let’s do something productive and earn a few rupees in that time.

These money-earning apps have the potential to earn you thousands of rupees in a single day. Doesn’t that intrigue you?

If yes, then stay with us because today, we will be discussing the best money earning apps with you that will help you to start earning today.

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What are Money Earning Apps?
Money Earning Applications are mobile apps that let you earn cash while working on them. It just feels like you are doing something on social media or playing a game but the difference is, you are getting rupees in return.
If you are unaware of these applications then, here we have gathered the best Money earning apps for you that can help you get started with online earning. We have mentioned many new earning apps that you are probably unaware of.
Earning applications lets you make money on them in a variety of ways. Many money earning apps in India help you earn money by doing tasks of your preference.
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Benefits of the Money Earning Apps

There are many benefits of these earning applications that give you a reason why you should go for them. Some of them include:

Flexible Time Schedule
One of the key reasons people opt for these money-earning applications is, their flexible schedule as you are allowed to work on your own time on your terms.
These new earning apps are mostly a side hustle for a majority of the people and that is why they can not go for rigid and strict timing.

Low or no initial Investment
Another key reason for joining these programs is, that they do not require you to invest a huge amount as a side hustle. All you need to do is to do things that you do regularly on social media, games, or simple tasks.
It makes it easy to initiate for almost everyone because all of us want to avoid any scams so, start with these earning apps as they do not require any investment from you.

Skill Enhancement and Development
It is not just about earning some extra rupees but also about personal development as these apps help you learn a good many skills, teach you communication, teamwork, marketing tactics, and improve your problem-solving abilities.
So, by using these apps you are earning yourself an amount and are on your way to personal and professional development.

Networking and Community Building
By using these money earning apps you become a part of many new communities and get a better PR. With this kind of networking and community building, your chances to excel in any field improve, and doors to new opportunities open to you.
This also teaches you how people with exactly your background have progressed in other fields, helping you create a better path in front of you.

Types of Money Earning Apps
Before moving further, it is important to recognize the different types of Money Earning apps that are present in India:

Certainly! Money-earning apps come in various types, catering to different skills and preferences. Here are some common types:

1. Affiliate Marketing Apps
These apps enable individuals to sell products like financial products online as well as offline in different regions of India. They sell the products through affiliate links and earn commissions on every successful sale.
Affiliate Marketing Apps are the most popular apps these days in India and the reason behind this popularity is the inception of facilitating apps like Cashli. These kinds of apps connect the normal person with the banks and help them sell financial products with ultimate ease.

2. Task-Based Apps
These money-earning apps offer payments for completing simple tasks such as surveys, product testing, or participating in market research.
All you need to do is to complete the tasks and a specific amount is transferred into your account per each task you complete.

3. Cashback and Rewards Apps
These are new earning apps that offer you cashback and rewards for doing shopping or sharing information like receipts or feedback. Everyone does the shopping and all you need to do is to do shopping through their applications and in return, you will be offered cashbacks and rewards.

4. Investment and Savings Apps
Investment and savings apps are also getting popular because they ask you to invest some amount at the beginning and offer little profits over your investments. But the main way through which you can earn money is, by referring it to your friends and family, and over each sign-up, your account will be given an incentive or bonus.

5. Tutoring and Educational Apps
Those with good grades and concepts also have an opportunity to earn through online tutoring and educational apps. These apps offer online tutoring jobs and students can earn by giving their services to children.
On the other hand, educational apps let the students earn by solving educational problems or doing some mathematical tasks.

6. Freelancing Platforms
Freelancing apps are the most common apps offering the most modern jobs in the digital age. You can offer any service and earn from them by doing any service that you love to do.

7. Selling and Reselling Apps
Many online selling apps allow you to sell your products and secondhand things like OLX. People can earn from them by buying things that are cheap and selling them with a commission at a higher rate.

All these kinds of money earning apps are with specific functionalities. User needs to use any app that matches their skills, interest, and the amount of time they can invest.

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Best Money Earning Apps in India

earning app

Cashli is a New Money Earning App that allows its users to sell financial products online as well as offline from Indian banks in areas where even banks are not available.
It helps the users to become financial advisers and earn commissions by selling those financial products with ultimate ease.
Cashli creates ease by providing its users with complete control over the leads and performance with the help of a full-fledged dashboard.

How to Earn:
  • Download the app and start watching training videos regarding the platform, financial products, and selling tactics.
  • You will be given affiliate links and supporting material to help you sell the products
  • Sell the product online or offline and you will be given a commission over each product that you sell from the platform of Cashli.

Benefits with Cashli
  • A comprehensive Dashboard monitoring all the sales
  • Free training and supporting material
  • 24/7 support
  • Weekly Payments
  • High Commissions
  • Access to more financial products as compared to other Affiliate marketing services
Expected Earning
Start by earning 13k to 20k rupees per month and take it to up to 1 lakh rupees per month.
rozdhan app

2. Rozdhan

This app allows the user to earn by reading news and checking daily horoscope. You can solve puzzles and play games to earn money in rupees.
From completing tasks such as doing downloads, surveys, and watching videos to reading newspapers and referring friends, this app offers a diverse range of income-generating activities for its users.

How to Earn Money on Roz Dhan
  • The first and foremost step is to sign up and earn 50 rupees after that there will be some instant earning tasks that will give you 300 rupees which could be withdrawn in 2 days.
  • Then start watching and reading the news and playing games, this money earning app will give you money for completing each task.
  • After that, there is another option that lets you refer a friend and earn extra money on each referral.

Expected Earning
The amount of money that you can earn with the help of this app is about 5000 rupees per month.
pocket money app

3. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is an online money earning application that lets its users earn money by watching videos, playing games, and doing some simple tasks. There is another option of getting mobile recharge from which millions of users get benefits daily.
The app also claims to give you 7000 rupees per month by just staying active on it. Isn’t it insane?
So, if you want an app that provides you “Pocket Money” to pay your bills then this app suits you the best.

How to Earn on Pocket Money:
  • This app gives you instant cashback just when you install and sign up to this app.
  • You can find many highly paid offers and earn from them.
  • There will be daily tasks like opening the app at specific times and consuming data on it or doing browsing. All these tasks will give you money.
  • There are rewards for mobile recharge and Paytm transfers
  • You can also earn by referring friends
  • But the fun and most exciting part is playing Tambola and earning from it.
Expected Earning:
The earning potential of this app is about 3000 rupees on average per month as recorded by the users.
streetbees app

4. StreetBees

StreetBees is an AI program that recommends specific surveys to its users. People get paid for doing surveys and providing reviews regarding different things.
There is also an option to describe your daily activities to the app and earn from it. The app asks its users to describe their daily chores in a very detailed manner with photos and videos.
The AI program uses this information in synchronized data and provides it to companies like Sony and Unilever to improve their services.
They pay their users for a short survey(3 to 4 minutes long) about 10 rupees and for a longer survey(6 to 8 minutes long) about 50 rupees.

How to Earn on StreetBees:
  • Download the app and register for it
  • Start doing surveys as recommended by the system
  • If no survey is available then the system will first learn about you and then will start suggesting surveys to you.
  • Some surveys can take you to a lucky draw and earn a good amount
Expected Earning:
The expected earnings of StreetBees is about 3000 rupees per month.
you speak we pay app

5. U Speak we Pay

The 'U Speak We Pay' app stands at the innovative intersection of earning potential and technological advancement.
By providing a platform where users get paid for reading messages, it not only rewards its users but also contributes to the evolution of AI technology.
This unique app harnesses the power of users' voices, utilizing their spoken words to train AI systems in speech recognition.
Situated at the nexus of simplicity and opportunity, it offers a promising avenue for individuals to earn while contributing to cutting-edge advancements in technology.

How Can You Earn from It

  • Earning from 'U Speak We Pay' is as straightforward as reading out displayed messages.
  • Users are required to speak sentences provided by the app, focusing on accurate pronunciation and quality recordings. The better the quality of the spoken words, the higher the potential earnings.
  • Additionally, users can amplify their income by referring friends to join the app, thereby expanding their earning scope.
  • This approach offers a unique and engaging way to earn money, leveraging the power of spoken language in a technologically evolving landscape.
Expected Earning:
  • The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month.
earneasy app

6. EarnEasy

EarnEasy stands out among earning platforms, boasting top ratings on the Google Play Store. It operates on a rewarding system, that offers various options like wallet, Bank Transfer, or UPI as rewards for downloading apps from their list of offers.
Users can also benefit from rewards for mobile recharges, train bookings, accessory shopping, and more. The app promises an earning potential of up to Rs. 3000 per day, making it an enticing prospect for users looking to earn on-the-go.

How Can You Earn from EarnEasy:
  • Simply download apps from the list of offers to earn instant rewards.
  • Withdraw your earnings conveniently to your Paytm wallet, UPI, or bank account.
  • Utilize earned rewards for mobile recharges, meal orders, movie ticket bookings, online shopping, and more.
  • Earn Rs 15 for every successful referral without any minimum withdrawal restrictions.
  • Get started by downloading the app, and registering with basic details like number, name, and email address to join their referral program.

Expected Earning:
The expected earnings from this money earning app is about 2500 rupees per month.
rupiyo app

7. Rupiyo

Rupiyo, a proudly Indian rewards platform, offers daily cash rewards through various tasks, gaming options like Spin the Wheel, high-value offers, and referrals.
Users can earn real cash through Rupiyo coins or bank transfers, making it a popular choice for earning free money in India.
The app is free to download, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience. Rupiyo serves as a hassle-free earning platform, catering to individuals seeking additional income streams during their leisure time.

How Can You Earn from Rupiyo:
  • Earn cash by completing diverse tasks and offers available on the platform.
  • Try your luck with Spin the Wheel games for additional rewards.
  • Refer the app to friends or family to increase earnings.
  • Cash out your earnings swiftly to your preferred wallet or bank account, including options like PAYTM, UPI, or any other chosen wallet service.

Expected Earning:
  • The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month.
cashbaron review

8. CashBaron

Cash Baron stands out among money earning apps, boasting a user base of over 1 lakh users.
With the potential to earn up to $100 per offer or through simple surveys, this platform offers multiple avenues to earn real money.
Users engage in various activities, including gaming, surveys, and referrals, earning rewards for completing game levels, participating in market research, and bringing users to the platform.
A wide array of payout options—from PayPal to different gift cards—adds to its allure.

How Can You Earn from Cash Baron:
  • Game Engagement: Earn rewards for achieving different game levels.
  • Survey Participation: Get paid for participating in quick surveys and questionnaires.
  • Referral Rewards: Invite friends and family to join, earning higher traffic.
  • Payout Options: Cash out earnings through PayPal, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, iTunes Gift Cards, or Bitcoin, offering versatile usage of your rewards.

Expected Earning:
  • The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month
money tree rewards apk

9. MoneyTree Rewards

MoneyTree Rewards is an innovative platform built on the principle of making money effortlessly accessible.
This app is designed for users seeking to earn money, gift cards, and vouchers conveniently.
The platform enables users to accumulate points by engaging in various activities such as downloading apps, playing games, answering surveys, and an unusual feature—watching TV.
An intriguing element involves team engagement, where users collaborate with friends to earn extra points.
Moreover, inviting others to join the platform enhances income, creating a rewarding ecosystem.

How to Earn with MoneyTree Rewards:
  • Activity-Based Earnings: Accumulate points via app downloads, gaming, video streaming, and survey participation.
  • Reward Redemption: Exchange accumulated points for cash, gift cards, or vouchers.
  • Unique Feature - Money Plant Growth: Gain bonuses by nurturing your Money Plant.
  • Team Engagement: Collaborate with friends to earn points collectively.
  • Invite & Earn: Supplement earnings by inviting new users and receiving rewards upon their activity completion.

Expected Earning:
The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month.
growfitter app

10. Growfitter

Growfitter emerges as a distinctive rewards app, galvanizing users to embrace healthier lifestyles while earning rewards.
With a colossal user base of over 50 million, Growfitter has revolutionized fitness by incentivizing physical activities and fostering groundbreaking research.
The platform rewards users with an array of options, including cash, crypto, cashback, gift cards, or charitable donations, for engaging in fitness-centric activities like running, yoga, swimming, and much more.
Not limited to tangible rewards, Growfitter offers a wide spectrum of benefits, spanning from health insurance cashback to medicine discounts.
The app’s allure lies in its commitment to rewarding users for fostering healthier habits, making staying fit an avenue for financial gains.

How to Earn with Growfitter App:
  • Fitness Activities: Accumulate Growfitter Points by walking, running, cycling, and engaging in quizzes.
  • Referral Program: Refer friends and family for additional points.
  • Challenges & Log-in Rewards: Earn points by completing challenges and receiving daily log-in rewards.
  • Game Engagement: Play free games within the app to earn Growfitter Points.
  • Ad Viewing: Get rewarded with points for watching ads on the platform.

Expected Earning:
The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month.

swagbucks app

11. SwagBucks

Swagbucks stands out as a leading platform for turning opinions into earnings. This versatile money-making app allows users to earn money effortlessly by participating in diverse paid surveys tailored to fit individual preferences.
Offering a myriad of opportunities, Swagbucks values your insights on reviewing commercials, expressing political opinions, evaluating new products, engaging as a secret shoppers, and assisting businesses in crafting impactful taglines.
The platform rewards users in cash or gift cards for exploring new content, completing surveys, shopping with favorite brands, and even sharing grocery receipts.
Renowned as one of the most popular online earning apps, Swagbucks witnesses the redemption of over 10,000 gift cards daily.
Upon joining the app, users receive a generous welcome bonus of $10.

How to Earn with the Swagbucks App (Bullet Points):
  • Earn 100 rupees by installing and logging into the app.
  • Get 65 rupees by signing up for the Morning Brew daily email and opening the first 2 emails.
  • Play the “Luck is On Your Side” game and earn 25 rupees.
  • Add the first grocery item to your list and earn 10 rupees.
  • Install the SwagButton extension on Chrome for 25 rupees.
  • Get a free credit score from SoFi and earn 1,000 rupees.
  • Attempt at least 5 surveys to earn 5 rupees for free.
  • Discover new products and services to earn from 2 rupees to 10,000 rupees.
  • Redeem Swag Codes daily for a week and earn 15 rupees.

Expected Earning:
The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month.
attapoll app

12. Atta Poll

AttaPoll is a money earning app that serves as a paid survey platform deeply connected with multinational corporations and organizations.
It aids in conducting market research and understanding market trends through online surveys, empowering users to specify survey lengths with no restriction on the number of surveys received daily or weekly.
Surveys tailored for specific demographics or qualifications offer substantially higher rewards, giving users the flexibility to choose surveys that align with their preferences.
This money earning platform offers multiple payment options, including instant payouts via PayPal, various gift cards, or the choice to contribute to charitable organizations.
Moreover, referring friends to join the app allows users to earn additional bonuses.

How to Earn with AttaPoll App:
  • Install the paid survey app and complete registration.
  • Answer initial profiling questions.
  • Participate in surveys to earn money through your smartphone.
  • Receive instant cash in your PayPal account or opt for Amazon or other brand gift cards.
  • Increase earnings by inviting friends to join AttaPoll.

Expected Earning:
The expected earning from this app is about 2500 rupees per month.
zupee ludo

13. Zupee

Zupee stands tall as a prominent player in India's online gaming arena, offering skill-based games that inject excitement into the lives of its users.
The platform boasts a significant market share in casual and board games, offering various Ludo and Snakes & Ladder variants, along with games like Zupee Cricket Cards, enticing players to engage and win lucrative cash rewards.
With an impressive daily winnings tally exceeding ten crores and close to two crore app downloads, Zupee presents itself as a go-to money-earning app.
Users immerse themselves in tournaments across diverse topics such as Sports, Math, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hinglish, and more, competing against fellow users to earn rewards.
Engaging in challenges and swiftly answering questions within the allocated time frame determines the competition's winners.

How to Earn with the Zupee App:
  • Download and install the Zupee app.
  • Register by providing your phone number and basic details (name, email address, bank account info).
  • Select desired topics and participate in tournaments to win cash rewards.

Expected Earning:
The expected earning from this app is variable depending upon the skills of the user. A person winning more tournaments can earn more.

taskbucks app

14. Task Bucks

TaskBucks reigns as one of the most renowned "refer and earn" apps in the market, offering unparalleled opportunities for earning money online.
Its extensive range of earning possibilities distinguishes it from other money-earning applications, making it a top choice for individuals seeking a reliable platform to generate income.
With TaskBucks, users can accumulate free Paytm money by engaging in various activities, including answering questions, downloading and using diverse apps and gaming platforms, completing straightforward tasks, and leveraging the referral bonus system.
The app's offerings extend beyond mere monetary rewards, providing a curated selection of certified financial products endorsed by regulatory authorities.
TaskBucks also equips users with comprehensive information to make informed decisions about these services, enabling them to recommend suitable products to friends or acquaintances.

How to Earn with TaskBucks App:
  • Referral Program: Earn ₹20 for every successful referral.
  • App Downloads: Earn ₹5 to ₹20 per app downloaded.
  • Feedback Surveys: Receive ₹10 to ₹50 for completing surveys.
  • Play Games: Earn money through game participation.
  • Daily Contests: Participate in daily contests for additional earnings.

Expected Earning:
The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month.
frizza app

15. Frizza

For those seeking reliable avenues to earn money, Frizza stands out as an ideal choice. This app allows users to earn cash directly in their Paytm wallet or any bank UPI, regardless of their location or schedule.
Imagine converting your idle moments at home, during commutes, or whenever you have free time into quick cash – Frizza offers precisely that opportunity.
By downloading Frizza, users can seamlessly transform spare time into tangible earnings, making it a popular money-earning app in India.

How to Earn with Frizza App (Bullet Points):
  • Complete tasks, surveys, and app offers for rewards and cashback.
  • Earn by downloading apps, watching videos, and inviting friends.
  • Cash-out through Paytm or bank transfers.
  • Prized for its user-friendly interface and swift payment processing.

Expected Earning:
The expected earning from this app is about 3000 rupees per month.
cashli earning app


In this dynamic age of digital platforms, these money earning apps have emerged as a convenient and accessible avenue for individuals who want to utilize their leisure time in some productive activities.
The apps like Cashli, SwagBucks, and Rozdhan are those money earning apps that let you earn real money in India.

Students in India can earn from these legit apps by doing part-time work on them. These apps provide an easy opportunity to work in their free time and earn some extra amount from them.
These apps not only provide them with the opportunity to earn some extra money but also enhance their skills and play a role in the mental and professional development of their character.
All these money earning apps are full of exciting games and challenges. So, what are you waiting for? start using these apps and earn some extra money for yourself.

Considering all these factors and analysis, Cashli has proved itself to be the best money earning app among all these. It not only provides its users with an opportunity to earn real money but also gives training and enhances their skills in marketing.

It has the easiest sign-up procedure and gives its users the best affiliate programs with the best conditions. Where others provide just 3 to 4 kinds of Credit cards, Cashli offers 15+ credit cards.
It allows you to become a financial advisor and then develop your whole team leading to the establishment of a complete business for you.

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