Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners
Profitable app with financial offers for partners

Best Money Earning Apps for Students
that Actually WORK!

Do you know that there are real money earning apps

for students that actually pay you for doing some simple tasks?

When I was a student, it was a daunting task for me to manage my finances with the money I received from my home. That was the time when I got to know about these kinds of cash-generating apps and started using these apps.

The digital age has bestowed modern student with a lot more online opportunities that help them earn a good deal by doing part-time work without disturbing their studies.

These monery earning apps for students not just let them earn an extra amount but also help them in skill enhancement regarding time management, project handling, teamwork, cooperation, and developing good money spending habits.

Factors to consider while choosing
money earning apps for students

Here is an in-depth analysis of the best money earning apps for students that can help you earn and learn in parallel:

The most important thing you need to think about is your flexibility with the earning app for students because it is just a side hustle and you would not like to disturb your studies while getting involved in these extra money earning apps.

Income Potential:
An important factor to consider is the income potential of the earning app. You need to consider what are your needs and which app best suits you.

Payment Methods:
Another important thing to consider is, how the company or app gives you payouts. Check if the payment method is available in your area before starting. For example, if you are in India then make sure the payment service is available in your area.

Market trends:

Check how the app or the services provided by the app relate to modern market trends. It is important to stay up to date with the market trends.

Learning Opportunities:
As a student, your main aim should not only be to earn but also to learn, because this thing must add some new skills to your personality.

Top Money Earning Apps for College Students

Here is an in-depth analysis of the best money earning apps for students that can help you earn and learn in parallel:

Cashli is one of the best money earning apps for students that enables them to sell financial products from Indian banks. It helps them to become financial advisors on their own and earn commission by selling financial products.

What makes Cashli the best?
It is not just about providing an opportunity but also providing one-on-one training and guidance on every step.
Start by downloading the app and then watching training videos about the platform, financial products, and selling tactics. Cashli does not even stop here, you can develop a customer base and share your experience to help them work effectively.

Who can use Cashli to earn?
Cashli is not just limited to individuals, students can work in teams as call centers as well as influencers, DSAs, and telegram group owners.

Earning Potential
Cashli has a huge earning potential on the basis of the sales you generate. All the payments are made weekly with complete transparency about the leads and sales.
As an individual students normally earn somewhere from 20,000 to 1 lakh rupees. By developing a team, students can scale their business and can even earn more than 2.4 lakh per month.


There is no need for any investment in this earning platform for students. You do not even need a university degree to start this setup.

  • Huge earning potential
  • Training videos
  • Guidance and support at every level
  • Transparent system of leads and sales
  • Online work-from-home option
  • Opportunity to develop a proper business

  • Income variability
  • No tangible product
earnkaro app

Earnkaro is also a good money earning app for students that lets them share affiliate links through social media and messaging platforms and earn a commission on every sale happening through the links.
This is a kind of affiliate marketing and the affiliate links have a specific ID associated with the student and any purchase through their affiliate link will let them earn a commission.

Earning Potential
Earning potential is totally dependent on the sales that students generate. A student with more contacts will generate more sales and in turn more revenue.

This cash earning app requires zero investment and you can start right away.

  • Easy to start without any investment
  • No prior experience is required
  • Have a good earning potential for active students

  • Constant efforts are required for link promotion
  • Earning is totally dependent on the product prices
money earning app for students

Are you an academically brilliant student who does not know much about doing anything except studying? If yes, then don’t worry! We got you!
You can also earn a good deal by just sharing the study material that you have prepared for yourself. Notesgen will monetize your study material and people will benefit from your prepared notes.
Your notes will be available online to help other students prepare for the tests or quizzes and you will be paid based on the number of downloads of your notes. In this way, Notesgen provides a platform for sharing study material.

Earning Potential
The amount you earn is dependent on the quality of notes you provide and the popularity of the test for which notes have been created.

There is nothing to invest in this cash earning app except the hard work that you did for your preparation.

  • Earn just by sharing study material
  • Knowledge-based platform
  • Motivates you to create better notes and resultantly your better preparation

  • Could be a heinous task if the test is difficult
  • Low earning potential if the test is not popular
money earning app for students

YouTube is one of the leading money earning apps for students based on sharing videos in the digital landscape of 2023. It has a huge potential for earning due to a massive number of viewers.
All you need to do is simply upload educational, informative, or entertainment videos on the platform and get paid based on the views.

Earning Potential
It could prove hard for some students with fewer views to get monetized but once you get monetized and start getting views, it has the potential to make you a Millionaire based on content quality and audience interaction.

There is no need to invest anything, all you need is a phone camera to start making videos and sharing them on YouTube.

  • Large Audiences from all over the world
  • Diverse Niches
  • High Earning Potential
  • Can earn overnight if the quality is exceptional

  • Consistent content creation
  • Can take hours to make videos
money earning app for students

5. Meesho

Meesho is an online platform based in India that helps students run their own online store in the local market and start a small business. The store can be on any social media site like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.
This is an online earning app for students without investment that lets the students earn in two ways:

  1. Affiliate marketing: Students can share their affiliate links and will earn a commission when anyone buys through their link.
  2. Reselling: Students can also resell the products at a higher price than they get from Meesho and keep the profit margin.

Earning Potential
The earning potential of this app is totally up to the student sales. Some earn a few thousand while some earn a substantial income through it.

This earning platform for students does not even require you to invest a single rupee. Just start earning from the very first sale.

  • All kinds of Products
  • Low-risk business
  • Flexible working hours
  • Could be transformed into a full-time hustle after graduation

  • Common products can result in tough competition
  • Income is sale-dependent
money earning app for students

Don’t want to do any hustles and want to get easy money? If yes, then here is Google Opinion Rewards which is a simple and elegant money earning platform for students.
Students just need to participate in simple surveys and they will be rewarded small credits or PayPal payments for their participation but if this income is insufficient for you then you should explore other options like Cashli as it empowers students as financial advisors, offering both significant earnings and valuable learning experiences, surpassing the constraints of survey-based income.

Earning Potential
This method is relatively easy but has a low earning potential and students are paid a few rupees on the completion of every survey. This is not an option if you want to earn a substantial amount.

No initial investment is required for it. Simply sign up and start doing small surveys and earn from them.

  • Quick and easy surveys
  • Easy money
  • Effortless and straightforward surveys
  • Surveys from every domain

  • Availability of surveys is inconsistent
  • Limited earning potential
cashli app


At the end of the day, it's not just about earning money but also enhancing your skillset and learning some new skills. All these platforms will add something to your knowledge and will help you in your educational journey. So, you will be able to earn and learn side by side.
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